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Blackwood Foot Health Clinic Price List

Treatment Prices From:
First consultation and treatment £35
Regular treatment £30 per session
Toe nail cutting only £15 per session
Verruca treatment dependant on number present £15
Ingrowing toe nails £25
Corns only £15
Calluses/Hard skin £25

British Association Foot Health ProfessionalsFoot Treatment Notes

First consultation includes a vascular and neurological assessment and a regular treatment.

Regular foot treatment is the treatment of the whole foot, nail cutting and general removal of calluses.

Ingrown toe nails involve the partial removal of the nail and nail dressings provided.

Verruca treatment, different methods are available and dependant on age, health and medical conditions presented the appropriate method will be discussed at first consultation.

Calluses are a build-up of hard skin and generally require parring to remove.

Corns are a concentrated build-up of hard skin in an inverted cone shape in the skin. Generally found on the top of toes and the bottom of the feet. Due mainly to fiction and/or trauma.